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What’s Ven. Yönten up to right now?

Retreats and Dharma Workshops for: 
Vajrapani Institute, FPMT USA
From September-December 2022

Most classes during this period are live and in-person, though will have an online option. Some sessions will be uploaded after the fact onto Ven. Yönten’s YouTube channel. See the Vajrapani website for details.


Upcoming Events

  • All Vajrapani Events: September- December 2022
    Sep 06, 2:00 PM – Oct 10, 2:00 PM
    Mainly Hybrid
    For the rest of the year, Ven. Yönten will host a number of in-person and Hybrid (online option) courses and retreats hosted by Vajrapani Institute, California USA. RSVP button for details.
  • The Power of Mantra
    Tue, Sep 06
    Hosted by Vajrapani Institute
    Sep 06, 6:00 PM PDT – Oct 25, 7:30 PM PDT
    Hosted by Vajrapani Institute
    This series will bring light to the mysteries of Buddhist Tantra in a way that is accessible to beginners, yet which is still profound for the experienced practitioner. Based on Lama Zopa Rinpoché’s new book of the same name.
  • Vajrayogini Retreat - Full Enabling Action/Approach Version
    Nov 11, 2:00 PM PST – Dec 10, 2:00 PM PST
    Vajrapani Institute, 19950 Kings Creek Rd, Boulder Creek, CA 95006, USA
    Vajrayogini is a meditation practice of Buddhism in the category of Highest Yoga Tantra and requires the appropriate empowerment. This is an approach retreat for Vajrayogini, a full qualifying retreat with fire puja, which enables one to do self-empowerment, consecration, and so on.


Ven. Yönten is an American-born Tibetan Buddhist nun in the Gelug Tibetan tradition who was ordained in 2003.

Her (merely labeled) pronouns are she/her and she is also a fully ordained Bhikshuni/Gelongma in the Dharmaguptaka tradition.

Ven. Yönten’s classes center around “lo-jong” the thought transformation genre of Mahayana Buddhism, as well as various other forms of meditation and philosophy. Her style combines the traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings with a contemporary approach and modern teaching techniques.

Buddhist since her teenage years, Ven. Yönten moved to Chenrezig Institute in QLD, Australia when she was 19 and studied intensively under Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering (Lharampa Geshe from Sera Je Monastery and former Abbot of Gyü-me Tantric College) for seven years, completing their Buddhist Studies Program (including FPMT’s Basic Program as well as other advanced topics) and retreats.

She then continued to study, retreat and offer service at Dharma Centers in India and Taiwan as well as Australia and New Zealand, becoming an In-Depth Registered Teacher within the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) in 2012. 

Ven. Yönten was then the Resident Teacher of Kunsang Yeshe Retreat Centre in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia from 2012 – 2015 and then at Mahamudra Centre for Universal Unity in New Zealand until 2018. She continues to offer classes and retreats at both Centres annually (unless there is a global pandemic).

Ven. Yönten also teaches regularly in Israel, with FPMT’s Shantideva Study Group and also, from a secular perspective, for a seven-year postgraduate program called Human Spirit which is a Buddhist Psychoanalytic Training Program. 


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